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Stand up Paddle & Kayak in Lagos

We bring the Paddle Board & Kayak to you!

We offer stand up paddleboard (SUP) and kayak rentals, delivered directly to your chosen location for maximum convenience.



We bring the SUP board or kayak directly to you, eliminating the hassle of transportation.



Choose your own adventure - enter hidden caves, relax on pristine beaches, or simply enjoy the stunning coastline.



Our team is passionate about the sea and has extensive knowledge of the Lagos area, ensuring you have a safe and enjoyable outing.

Who we are

Take to the open waters with your friends and family.

Paddle Fun & Kayak is a family-run business built on a deep love for the sea and years of experience in maritime activities. We are passionate about sharing the wonders of Lagos and ensuring you have a personalized, high-quality, and friendly experience.

Paddle-Fun Lagos
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Choose your own path and create lasting memories

Stand Up
Paddle Board

Paddle Boards

Immerse yourself in the thrill of stand-up paddling and discover the breathtaking beauty of Lagos from a whole new vantage point.
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Kayaking is a fantastic activity for families, couples, or friends of all ages, offering a relaxing and scenic way to explore the wonders of Lagos.
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Sunrise Experience

Sunrise Experience

Witness the magic of dawn unfold over the breathtaking Lagos coastline with our unforgettable sunrise experience.
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Accessible to everyone, SUPing and kayaking provide a fantastic way to connect with nature.

Paddle along dramatic cliffs, explore hidden coves and secret beaches, or enter the mesmerizing caves that dot the Lagos coastline. Whether you’re with family, friends, or seeking a solo adventure, choose your own path and create lasting memories.


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Stand up and explore hidden coves and majestic caves at your own pace